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Say goodbye to multiple vendors, sketchy domains, and cart abandonment. Indio is a one-stop-shop that streamlines park booking and management—turning leads into guests.

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Indio Software

All in one park managment

Indio by Big Rig Media is a 360-degree solution for RV parks, powerfully guiding campers from inspiration to reservation—again and again.

Indo Features

Cloud-based RV park management system

Manage your park from anywhere at any time. (More than one park? Keep tabs on them all with Indio’s full multi-park support.)

#1 RV Park Management System

Indo Features

Seamlessly integrated online booking engine

No more forgotten voicemails, clunky contact forms, or third-party domains. With Indio, your guests can book the moment inspiration strikes—without leaving your website.

Indo Features

Point of Sale (PoS)

Indio gives you hassle-free transactions, inventory management, and customer sales history—all ready to access and updated instantly.

Other Features

…And everything else you need to power your park in the 21st century.


Keep track of your revenue and other financial metrics for efficient accounting.

Site maintenance

Take a campsite off inventory when it’s under repair or needs servicing.

Multi-property management

Simplify operations with one home-base management system for all your parks.

Multiple payment methods: check, cash, ACH, credit cards

Easy to pay, easy to stay. Give your guests plenty of options at checkout.

Utility billing

Track utility costs and bill guests automatically.

Site locking

Earn extra income by allowing guests to lock in a campsite of their choice for a fee.

Business rules

Reference the ins and outs of your park’s protocols and procedures at any time.

QuickBooks integration

Sync your property’s financial data with QuickBooks online.

Mailchimp integration

Bring guests back with targeted marketing emails sent from a mailing list that’s up-to-date.

Maintenance and housekeeping

Know what needs fixing with a system that tracks your maintenance and housekeeping tasks in one place.

User roles

Create a unique user profile for each member of your park staff.

Interactive maps

Customers can get a bird’s eye view of your park, or zoom in to see campsites up close.

Other Benefits

Ready to pack your park?

Hosted on AWS – 24/7 system monitoring and alerting

Benefit from the cloud web hosting solution chosen by the world’s most powerful companies—at no cost to you.

No-fuss pricing: 3 bucks a transaction

No setup fees or hidden costs. Indio’s affordable solution lets you scale as you grow.

Pack your park.