Indio Payments Module

Technology and Processing Powered By PaidYET

Simple Pricing

Fast, Easy Setup

$0.00 Booking Fee

Pass the fee on to the guest, and you pay nothing! Use our Bundle option.

$3.00 Booking Fee

This fee helps cover the cost of secure transactions, product development, customer support, etc. We charge this when a reservation booking is confirmed.

Payment Modules

Choose the payment module option that’s best for you.


Bundle – Pay As You Go

3.5% + $.35
$0 Monthly Fee

$0.00 Reservation Fee
(fee passed to cardholder)


eCommerce Only

Simple deposit reconciliation, know your fees ahead of time.

Bundled deposits (includes fees)

Online application


Interchange+ .05% + $.05
(Total combined rate approx 2.75%: depends on volume, card types, swipe/non-swipe ratio)

$3.00 Reservation Fee


eCommerce and Terminals available

Traditional merchant account statement with cost+ pricing.

Separate deposits (fees debited at end of month)

“Paper app”
Send email to to request “Separate” application.


Get started

Example cost comparison ($100 transaction w/a $3 booking fee):

Rate3.5% + $.352.75%*
Booking Fee$0$3.00
Total $$3.85$5.75
Total %3.85%5.75%
Savings1.9% ($1.90)

* Estimated. Actual fees are based on card type (debit, credit, rewards, amex, etc.) and transaction type (swipe or non-swipe).