In the hospitality industry, making the booking process as seamless as possible is crucial for both guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. Indio by Big Rig Media offers a valuable tool to achieve this: site locking. 

This functionality allows guests to select their preferred site at the time of booking, directly addressing common issues such as double bookings and customer dissatisfaction. In this blog post, we’ll explore how site locking can transform your reservation process, making it more efficient and guest-friendly.

Key Benefits of Site Locking

Site locking stands out as a solution to several common reservation challenges. Here’s how it specifically benefits both your business and your guests:

  • Customer Empowerment: Indio’s site locking allows guests to choose their exact site at the time of booking, whether it’s close to amenities or in a quieter corner of the park with a lakeside view. 

This feature is accessible when booking online, or staff can lock in the choice over the phone or in person. Giving customers this control not only enhances their satisfaction but also boosts their likelihood of returning.

Guest View: Select Your Site: With Indio’s user-friendly site locking feature, guests can choose their ideal spot directly on your website.



Staff Dashboard: Site Lock Setup: Staff can easily assign and manage site locks through Indio’s streamlined interface.



  • Efficiency in Reservations: By enabling specific site selection, Indio helps eliminate common issues such as double bookings and customer dissatisfaction with assigned locations. This precise management aids in smoother operations and better allocation of resources.
  • Optimized Revenue Streams: With the ability to lock desired sites, properties can strategically price premium locations higher. This not only maximizes revenue potential but also allows for variable pricing based on site popularity and features. 
Transform Your Booking Experience with Indio

Adopting Indio’s site locking feature can dramatically transform how your business manages bookings, offering a more personalized and efficient experience for your guests while optimizing your operational capabilities. By partnering with Big Rig Media, you leverage the latest in digital booking technology, ensuring your business remains competitive and responsive to guest preferences in today’s dynamic market.

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